Jason Molt

Applications Dev. · Data Science · Engineering

Roles & Responsibilities:

In the belly of the development group, I work closely with the VP of Engineering on systems administration and extending our technical capabilities. I assist our artist-in-chief and department director Chelsea in executing on her artistic vision by sprinkling in responsive web components, functionality, and custom integrations. Our focus is making complex, data-driven content painless to administrate for our users, provide semantic structure for SEO, and look beautiful on every display.

Key Accomplishments:

At OCG, most proud of:

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Describe the “agency of the future”:

It used to be that you needed to hire expensive consultants and integration teams to accomplish sophisticated business goals: adopting CRM and making it work for your processes, capturing meaningful insights from your analytics, measuring your KPIs in realtime. These days, all you really need is a text editor and a steady hand. A good agency might grab off-the-shelf products with hundreds of arcane features and then send you a bill for integrating them with your processes. A great agency — an agency of the future — acts as your personal guide through the thick forests of business technology, wielding a machete, grabbing the useful bits and keeping everything else at a comfortable distance.


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Education & Certification:

M.Sc. Biotechnology, CABNR, University of Nevada, Reno
B.S. Biology (Biochemistry emphasis), University of Nevada, Reno