Deitrik Reed

Graphic Designer

Roles & Responsibilities:

As a Graphic Designer, my role can change on a day to day basis. I utitlze visual concepts that communicate a clients vision. My duties range anywhere along the lines from print design to web design.

Key Accomplishments:

Graduating College a year after my daughter turned 1, to pursue a career in the path I wanted to do, and not settling for a place just to “go to work”.

At OCG, most proud of:

I am proud of the effort we put into each project. It takes a good amount of team work in a thriving environment that really makes the end result that much better, not only for us an agency, but for our clients as well when they recieve the product.

Describe favorite client:

Clients who are aware of their brand, and not only know, but really WANT to build upon their brand. They give us the right assets and communication to bring fruition to their vision.

Describe the “agency of the future”:

The agency of the future, is actively learning, while staying true to their nature. Seeking out current trends to stay relevant with the on-going changing world of tomorrow.


I am an on-going learner in the world of graphic design. I love how typography creates opportunity to make visually stunning components as well as grant meaning to designs.

Other Interests:

I enjoy a good day of BBQing with my family, as well as, watching my amazing daughter grow day to day, and getting some time to catch a great anime series is always nice.

Education & Certification:

Associates of Applied Science in Graphic Communications:
Truckee Meadows Community College
Certification of Achievement in Graphic Communications:
Truckee Meadows Community College