Ailey Asulin

Internet Marketing Associate

Roles & Responsibilities:

My main goal as a digital marketing associate here at OCG is to make the client as visible as possible to potential customers online. In order to do this, I write content that utilizes specific keywords to optimize the client’s website. Along with this, I find trends online which the client may be able to take advantage of to further drive traffic to their website. As a specialty of mine, I organize social media and build brand awareness campaigns for a variety of clients.

Describe favorite client:

My favorite client is one who is completely invested in growing their business and becoming a leader in their industry. This, to me, is the first step in launching a great digital marketing campaign and inspires me to work even harder to help the client reach their goals.

Describe the “agency of the future”:

I believe that the agency of the future is one that is willing to adapt constantly to the changing environment of business and how it is conducted. Agencies that take advantage of social media, new technology, digital marketing and media will not only survive, but thrive in the changing business world.


From past experiences, I have learned keys to productive social media and creating the image that a client wants to portray to a customer. As a social media and SEO specialist, I use my skills to not only grow brand awareness, but also push consumers through any sales funnel. Along with this, I continue to grow here at OCG, learning more everyday about how to improve digital marketing.

Other Interests:

My life has basically revolved around sports since the day I was born. So if you want to talk about why the Lakers are the best franchise in basketball, I’m your guy. Besides sports, my hobbies include overeating at all you can eat sushi, traveling, and adventuring in Tahoe.

Education & Certification:

Bachelor of Science in Marketing, 2019

Hubspot certified – Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing